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Door access reader

NOVA kepad is perfect for low cost simple access control system. When standalone these reader can can be used in simple application such as single door office, restaurant and shop. But when these readers are networked into a controller and interface to a PC, they can also cater to the most advanced and complex multi door application. Reading range is about 15 cm.

AR721KP Keypad only. 500 users. Standalone only.
AR721H4 Proximity reader with keypad. 1000 users. Standalone and networking.
AR721HP6 Proximity reader with keypad. 65000 users. Standalone only.
AR721U Micro proximity wiegand reader
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Door access controller
Soyal series controller consist of simple single door and advanced multi-door networked controller. Soyal multi door controller support open all doors function in emergency, scheduled door release, scheduled arming time. The controller will be able to keep the date for 60 days upon power failure. All reader connected to it will have anti-passback function.
AR716Ei Multi door controller with built in LAN. 16 door. 15000 users.
AR716EV2 Multi door controller. 16 Door. 15000 users.
AR801CM PC Interface Unit (converting RS485 to RS232) with LED indicator.
AR829E Single door controller. 15000 users. 17000 event transaction memory.
Fingerprint access
Soyal Fingerprint reader has a built in single door controller. It can support up to 1920 fingerprint records and 10000 card users. It can store 17000 transaction event memory. User can use fingeprint, pin and/or card to access. Support anti-passback. Biometric solution for higher security control.
Car park access
Soyal car park system is a very cost effective and value added solution for budget concious project. It can support minimum 1000 card and can be upgraded as necessary to support networking for multiple entry and multiple exit car park. Can support long range reader.

Support anti-passback and can be interfaced to computer for more detailed activity analysis. Guaranteed 100% compatibility with our MAG BR424 barrier gate and MAG gooseneck.
Time attendance
Soyal time attendance is cost effective solution targeted especially for SME company. User can add as many reader as necessary (max 254) depending on the number of entrance. With backup power supply, reader are able to stored 480 transaction event in memory during power failure. Upon power resume, reader will automatically download data to PC. Complete time attendance analysis function is available in the software.
Soyal 701 software
Soyal 701 software is designed to support ALL Soyal hardware series. Complete access control and simple time attendance solution with ONE card, ONE software and ONE user interface - "ONE card total solution". No need to worry about paying extra for addtional software module to support networking, fingerprint, more controllers - Soyal 701 do it all !

For access control, it allows you to easily define how (card and/or pin), when (definable time zone) and where (door group assignment) a user is allowed to enter. And Manager can see all these activity clearly recorded in the PC and perform further analysis with our user friendly software.

For time attendance, it allows manager to easily keep track of employee working hours. Definable shift, work time, holiday, break time, allowance, overtime wages and etc... Soyal 701 also support automatic simple payroll calculation. Data can also be exported out to other third party time attendance or payroll software.
We also carry other accessories to provide you a complete access control solution.
  • Gooseneck
• Loop detector (single and dual channel)
• EBELCO Electromagnetic lock series
• LCJ Electric drop bolt
• Intercom phone
• Soyal 1.9mm, 125KHz proximity card
• NOVA power supply with backup battery
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