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Alarm panel

Paradox Spectra series - 6 to 16 zone expandable bus. Spectra offer a winning combination of unique features and advanced communication bus for a reliable and expandable security system.

Paradox Digiplex series - 48 and 96 zones. Digiplex has built in GuardWall technology which uses a specialized encrypted communication protocol to communicate with other modules to ensure maximum security. Any attempt to disable any module or system's wiring will be recognized immediately. Paradox keypad has backlit buttons, clear status light and one-touch function for easy operation.

Motion detector

Paradox motion detector is designed with advanced technology and extremely high precision to ensure accurate result. This will reduce falce alarm occurence to minimum. These motion detectors are one of the best in its class.

  • PIR with high RFI/EMI rejection
• Vertical view motion detector
• 360 deg ceiling mount motion detector
• Glass break detector
Contact sensor
NOVA contact sensor series is well known in Malaysia for its reliability. NOVA contact sensor series is a complete solution that contains different models that is suitable for various types of door and mounting method.
  • Door magnetic contact
• Overhead roller shutter sensor
• Vibration sensor
We also carry other alarm accessories product that can be integrated into the alarm system.
  • Smoke detector
• External siren
• Internal siren
• Super bright LED strobe light
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