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PC based remote surveillance

Geovision video capture PCI card allows user to monitor their premises from a remote site over the internet. It can support 1/4/8/16 input channels from analog camera. Geovision software support motion detection and PTZ camera control. Videos are captured from analog camera, compressed and saved into the HDD, so no more huge cabinets of tapes library. Software support Win98, 2000, and XP.

Analog camera

We have a wide range of analog cameras of different specification to meet customer application. All of the following cameras are available in black/white or color mode:

  • CCD camera
• Dome camera
• IR camera
• Speed dome
We have different sizes of monitor to meet customer needs:
9", 12", 14" color or black/white monitor

• Video switcher
• Quad switcher
• Multiplexer
• 4/8/16 channel embedded DVR system
• PTZ controller
• Outdoor camera housing and bracket

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