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We know that there are so many "other" installer out there can install a similar system for you - probably some of them can offer unbelievably super low prices. And we totally understand that a smart buyer like you will for sure shop around looking for the best price, best deal and best product brands that suits your need.

Well, most of the time the lowest price is not necessary the best deal. Here are five good reasons for choosing us and how we are different from others.
  1) 24 years of installation experience  

Given the world best security system, if not installed correctly, it will not be able to function as it should be. For worse it will even introduce flaw into the system and allow the security to be broken easily by unauthorised visitor.

We have been doing security system installation since the very beginning security industry started in Malaysia. We know our stuff. We know what a good security system is and how to correctly install it so that it can effectively protect your loved ones and your business. We give advise and help you to design a "correct" system that work for you.

2) Good service and support
  A common problem faced by a lot of end user is that they can not find help and support when they needed it. Called the installer, but he is always busy and not returning your call. Your system is not working and your boss is screaming on you" why it is not fixed yet ?".

Well, with us we guarantee that this will not happen. We have a team of support technician dedicated for customer service call.


3) Good quality product
  All our products are carefully selected from credible manufacturer and supplier to ensure ultimate satisfaction to our end customer. We uses our extensive 24 yrs of security knowledge and experience to evaluate, test and verify each product. So you can buy from us with a peace of mind.
4) Repairing service
  We maintain complete spare parts for most of our product line and have a dedicated repairing department. When our product is broken (even it is beyond warranty period), we will not just tell you to buy a new one. With small fees, we can offer to repair it for you in the shortest time possible. And not many installers can afford to offer this service.
5) Credible establishment
  We have been around in the security installation business for 24 years and we are here to stay. There is always somebody pick up the phone to answer any enquiries that you have. Nova Sensor is a well established company with rock solid credibility. You can definately count on us to protect your loved ones and your business.
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